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Will You Change Your Space Due to Life in Quarantine?

by Priscilla Toomey 07/14/2020

   Now that we have all been working from home for a while and are likely to continue to do so, at least part time into the future, it has occurred to many people that their space at home could do with some re-configuring. 
   Not long ago, “ open plan”  (kitchen/great room combination in white or griege) was sought after.  But 24/7 togetherness can get you just so far. Many people are making their rooms multi-purpose and creating smaller, more private spaces instead of the one huge space they used to prefer. Now, using different colors can help differentiate rooms and give more of a feeing of private space, rather than one continuous space stretching from one side of the home to the other.
   Creating more storage space by building in an extra closet or pantry is another yearned-for feature, so that common areas can be kept more clutter-free.
   Another helpful idea is to create a separate entry space to that coats, shoes and bags can be put there, again to help control clutter in common areas. And creating a separate space for tech, one which can be kept relatively private and quiet,  is another goal for families that hadn’t created such a space before work-from-home ( not to mention school-from-home) became necessities.
   Another objective is to take another look at your outside space and make is as inviting, comfortable and user friendly as possible as well as as pretty as possible so that it is used to it’s max, as we are all being encouraged to get outside.
   Implementing as many of these tips as possible, and being as creative as possible with them, will help you enjoy your time at home.


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